Delany Foundation Videos

Delany Foundation 2016

The Patrician Brothers of the Australian and Papua New Guinean Province established the Delany Foundation as a means of raising money for the Patrician missions in Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Kenya, and South Sudan. This presentation shows some of the works supported by the Delany Foundation.

The presentation below shows the launch of the Delany ReachOut initiative in the Patrician Linked Schools launched on 26 July 2017.

The presentation below on the Foundation was created for the annual Delany Foundation Dinner held at the Liverpool Catholic Club on the 21st July, 2012.

Br George at Kabongo, Kenya

To assist the students of Holy Cross College, Ryde, in their fundraising for the Patrician Brothers' school at Kabongo, Eldoret, Kenya, principal of that school, Br George Oricho was interviewed over the phone. This video contains that interview plus a few more bits and pieces on the Patricians in Kenya, on the Kabongo school and dispensary, and on Br George Oricho himself. The school and medical dispensary at Kabongo was set up by the Patrician Brothers to cater to the educational and health needs of the people of that area who are amongst the poorest of the Eldoret region. Anyone viewing this video who would also like to help the Brothers in their work in Kenya or in Ghana and Papua New Guinea can do so via the Delany Foundation. Go to the website and look under "Delany". Thank you.

Delany Academy, Ghana

Delany Academy, Dormaa, was established by the Patrician Brothers in 2008 at the invitation of Bishop Matthew. It began in the parish hall but in 2009 moved to its current location. It is early days and classes range from beginners to Year 5. The plan is for it to go to senior school and even on to have a associated tertiary institution. All this is only made possible by the generous donations of many, from the landowners, to international companies, to schools, and to interested families and individuals. Thank you, all.

Brothers in Papua New Guinea, 2015

Kabongo School & Interview, Kenya

Students and Assistant Principal of the Patrician School at Eldoret, Kenya - many of these students supported by overseas donations.